Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Working at Jan's

Here is the gang at Jan's including guest Caroline minus Jan who is the photographer today.
 Everyone was quite busy with their individual projects.  April worked on lettering on prayer flags.
 Caroline is crocheting granny squares to make a bag for her granddaughter.
 Jan is making thank you cards for the birthday gifts she received.
 Mary is getting a jump on Halloween cards.
 Pinky loves making the iris folding cards.
She is so good at it too!
Karen is also making Halloween cards.  I guess the rest of us had better get busy!
It was another fun day, all of us together.  We discussed relationships and laughed a lot.  Got our fix for another week!  Hope to meet next week at Pinky's.


  1. Oh boy...do we ever laugh! The best medicine, ever. This is the best group...
    Thanks for posting, Jan...good job.

  2. Thanks for posting, Jan! ...and YES, it IS the best group ever! I love you girlie girls!!!