Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tuesday at April's

It was a great day!  We missed  Jan, though.

Karen's lovely work!

Karen busy working!

My neighbor, Linda, joined us for the day.
Linda is making a crocheted rug out of plastic bags.  This is something her grandmother used to do!  She will use them throughout her house.  This one is going to be a rectangle, mostly white with blue and red intermingled throughout.

Mary...what a smile!
Mary is working on our ATC challenge.  Can't wait to see them next Tuesday.

Here's our Pink!!!
Pinky's beautiful Iris Folding card.  Wonderful!

My neighbor, Serena (on right) and her girlfriend, Kitara.  They joined us for the day!

Serena's artwork!  Nice!
Kitara's artwork!  Lovely!

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  1. It was a fun day for sure and the two little girls just added to it. They were having so much fun making cards and envelopes. Thanks, April for posting.