Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Painting We Will Go.....On Karen's Deck!

What a fun day!  Monday, Jan brought all kinds of beautiful colors in spray bottles and shared them with us. April gave us each a little watercolor tablet and we went to town.  There was lots going on...some of us were just spraying paint, others were using stencils, others were laying down items and spraying over the top...each doing their own thing.  It was so fun!  Yes, we had paint from one end of the table to the other.  Someone even got a little on the deck...wonder who...

The pictures below are of various things we all did.  Forgive me, but I really lost track of what was who's.  I think you will just enjoy looking at them.

There are three different colored stencils used on these pages...
 The red was really a big splash and fun to use.
 Jan is telling us about her paints and giving us some suggestions...
 April gave us each a neat little water color pad to do some painting on.  Thank you, April.
 Jan brought lots of spray bottles with her with various colors.  She even did purple and teal for April .
 Karen put her flags up in her studio.  Doesn't she have the most wonderful view to create by?
 We are ready to dive in and get creative.  Once we got going...there was no stopping us.
 There's that red splash again...what fun!
 We all agreed the one on the right looks like a perfect tree...
 Oooooh...More red splash.  Blowing on it produced such a neat effect.
 There was one blue spray bottle and one purple that made circles when we it!
 Below is where we dried our papers in the sun.  Worked great...

 No denying these are April's...tell tale sign is the teal and purple, leaves and dragon flies...
 Can you see the bird on this one?

When I was putting the pics on, I had a bit of trouble at first and duplicated two...sorry.
The red ink Jan provided came out in a big splash, but was fun to work with...

We are meeting at April's next week.  Jan won't be with us and we will miss her, but must charge ahead!  I think it is a free for all day unless April has something in mind.  We all are supposed to be working on ATCs made out of the paper we did this week.  That should be so fun to do.  We will exchange them on Jan's birthday bash...coming sooooon.  See you next week!

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  1. What an especially fun day this was! thanks for posting, Mary.