Friday, August 10, 2012

More Paper Painting! First of all let me tell you that I have spent SO MUCH TIME trying to post this 'thing.' So if anything is in the wrong place or looks terrible....I'm just admitting that I'm blog posting-challenged! I need a lesson, Jan/Mary!!! You girls need to sit me down and SCHOOL ME!!! Please!!!

Here is Jan, our instructor for the day.  She really knows what she is doing when it comes to painting paper.  She is awfully humble, but she was our star for the day!  Thanks, Jan, for helping by mixing up all the paints, and testing out all the different spray bottles.  You are a gem!
Jan's RAVEN.  First she painted this background and set it aside to dry.  Then she took a raven template (that she had made another time) and laid it onto a clean sheet of paper.  She sprayed all that (paper with template) with red.  Then before it could dry she picked up the raven template and laid face down onto this background.  Isn't it fantastic?  Wonderful, Jan!!!  Nice job!
Jan's book!  WOW, huh?  It's been painted and gessoed!  Looks pretty cool, doesn't it?  

Karen is just commenting on how much paint she got on her hands.  Hahaha!  We were all covered with paint!  Color-saturated, you might say!!!
I believe this is one of Karen's pages!  Doesn't this look great?  Great art was created today!!!  Great job, Karen!

Here is Mary with her paint shirt indoctrinated!!!  She's really 'into' it!  Lots and lots of painted paper produced by this lovely lady!!!
Mary's Raven is beautiful, isn't it?  Really nice work, Mary!
Here is a different style that Mary made.  This is a picture of a bird that is glued onto the face of her painted paper.  Nice effect! 
Pinky is wearing a pretty neat paint shirt that Mary loaded her.  Neat, huh?  Pinky did a fabulous job with her painted papers.  Look below:

Pinky's tree is gorgeous!  The loviest work yet!!!  Nice coloring!  She's a natural!

This is Pinky's fern.  I think it's out of order...but I'm not kidding....I have been on here FOREVER trying to get things in order.  SO....please, BEAR WITH ME.
 I LOVE this fern, Pink!!!

These last three are mine.  You can probably tell because they are purple and teal.  I even tried to do some with 'red'   but I couldn't stand it.  That color just doesn't 'ring my bell' like these do.  I can you go wrong, "I ax ya"... (a little My Cousin Vinny movie reference) with purple and teal.  

Here is Jan taking a 'time out' from all her own painting .  (I think she might have been the one to leave a little paint on the deck....not that I'm tattle-taling, or anything.)    :oP
We took our lunch break out on the deck in the shade.  We all brought our own lunch, but also enjoyed all the yummy snacks that Karen provided.  She even had WATERMELON.  It was delicious!  Thanks for the marvelous digs, Karen!!!


  1. Looks like you had a blast!! I wish I lived closer....I'd be begging you to let me join you!! So is this all Derwent Inktense in spray bottles? Seems like I saw that on another blog post somewhere?

    1. Robin, the paint in the bottles was mostly water color paint from tubes that I thinned down with water so it could be sprayed.

  2. Really does look like you all had fun. I haven't tried spray bottle painting in a long, long time and now I'm thinking about seeing if I remember how. I love to come here to visit and see what you've been doing with your creative time. Hugs to all.

  3. This was such a fun day,but the time went wayyyyyy tooo fast! I still have blue pain on one of my fingernails that just won't leave. What a fun time!

  4. Nice post April! You got some good photos, thanks for sharing. No pictures of you though! I'll see if I have any more to share. Everyone looks like they are having so much fun, because of course we were!