Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Monday At Pinky's On The Long Beach Peninsula...

What a great day at Pinky's on Monday!  We all had projects and worked away while solving the problems of the world.  April announced that next week at Mary's she will be showing us a new style of painting.  We are all looking forward to that.  She gave us a list of supplies to bring and we will be making some papers to use on other projects in the near future.

We have another birthday bash coming up in the next couple months, so we need to be thinking of a place to go and where we want to eat.  The birthday girl gets to pick it all...after is her day!
Pinky...November 5

This was a mistake...this huge pic of my postcard...sorry.  Really don't know what happened...
Above, April worked on cards for most of the day.  She can really turn them out.  I think she said she was making gifts of packets of cards.  What a neat gift to receive!
Above, Mary was working on some postcards and some Halloween cards.  She even decorated her envelopes

 Above is Jan working on her new rag rug.  She said it was made out of rayons...different types as she said some crocheted easily and the black was a little stubborn.  I'm loving the contrast on it.
 Something tickled Karen in this picture...She was working on some wonderful Halloween cards and told me to take a picture without looking at them...Oh, sure, Karen...

Below, Pinky was working on some beautiful cards that she was embellishing with different colors of metallic threads.  They were outstanding.

We are meeting at Mary's next week and anxious to see what April has in store for us.  She said to cover the table, so I am thinking this might be a little messy, but fun.

See you next week.


  1. You ladies make beautiful stuff! Love Jan's scarf too!

  2. Everything looks great. I know first hand what wonderful cards April makes because I have one tacked in the center of my bulletin board. You are all very talented and I'm sure the project next week at Mary's will be something of interest so I'll be back here to see what it is. Have a great week ladies.

  3. It's a good thing that you posted all these pics, Mary....otherwise I'd be oblivious as to what's going on around the rest of the table. I get so caught up in my own project. :oD Pinky's cards are just beautiful! So much work, Pinky! Gorgeous! Mary, your postcards are so neat, too! Karen, I can't wait to Halloween, so I really see al the cards you've been making. Jan...your rug is gonna be so neat! Blak & Red....and then your multi-colored fabric is a perfect addition. Very striking! Next week: Watercolor Resist!!! You're gonna love it!