Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sign Up For Our Second Give-a-way...Scroll Down.

Here it comes!!!! Our second of 6 give-a-ways is here and ready for sign ups. It will help us if when you leave a comment that you leave your email address also. That will make notifying the winner so much easier.

This give-a-way comes from our member, Karen Eshelby. It consists of a mixed media decorated round box just loaded with things to put on cards or use in mixed media art. It is full to the brim! The next item is a package of 87 sheets of colored cardstock/matstock 4.5x6.5. It is multicolored and textured...great to use when making cards or other mixed media art. Last, but not least is a package of five mixed media cards created by Karen Eshelby. Right now, I wish I weren't a member of the group and I could put a comment down. Karen makes the most fantastic cards.

Rules...Remember to make a comment under the pictures of the give-a-way on the blog. In your comment, please also put your name and email so we can notify you if you win. We would love it if you would follow us too. Next Wed or Thurs, we will annouce the winner & email you for your address.


  1. Good post mary, I'll bet even more people sign up for this one than the previous one!

  2. I agree...excellent post! Who wouldn't want to win this great 'stuff?' I just love STUFF!!! How 'bout you?

  3. This is a very nice give a way. I wanted to comment, but please don't include me. I won the most wonderful pincushion book prize.
    I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.

  4. Me, please!! :) love you all!!

  5. I would love to win this as I am just learning how to make mail art and cards. I am not very good at it but am having a lot of fun with it, what I need is more supplies so, I would love all of these treasures.
    Thank you so very much, I love your give a ways.

  6. thansk for letting me enter your contest~

  7. Thank you so much for a chance at this doing all kinds of crafts and this one will be wonderful. Penny

  8. I am signing up for a farmgirl that had difficulty getting on here and commenting. She said she really enjoys our blog & has made some Ukrainian eggs herself. Her name is Juday Zobell and her email is:

  9. What beautiful cards, and an awesome blog!

  10. Fantabulous blog! So many things I love to do... pincushions, Ukrainian Eggs, paper arts, they are ALL right up my alley!
    Hope this is my lucky day!
    Thanks for sharing Ladies!

  11. Here I go again. I am signing up for another farmgirl that can't seem to leave a comment. I'm not sure what the problem is...maybe they don't have a google account...not sure.

    Lainey Lou

  12. OH how neat! Would love to win these goodies! Followed you over from MJF! Thanks for the chance to win Mary!
    Farmgirl Hugs,

  13. What a nice nice gievaway. Really nice! Came here from the Mary Jane Farm site.
    Looks like a lot of real craft talent going on here. Nice site. Had fun looking about.
    Nancy Jo

  14. Me again...My friend in AZ can't seem to leave a comment I'll put it on here.

    Doris Anderson

  15. How fun! As a papercrafter myself I LOVE all kinds of goodies for that activity.
    Everything looks BEE-YOU-TEE-FUL!
    Thanks for the opportunity!
    CJ Armstrong

  16. OK, I am going to try again for a wonderful prize from y'all. You are my mentors and I love to watch you work. Nita

  17. What a beautiful blog ! THe eggs are stunning. What a wonderful giveaway this is !!!!! Will share on my blog and FB for you also

    1. Thank you, Lisa. We are happy you have enjoyed looking at our blog. Hugs, Mary

  18. Lovely collection! I need to get organized and start doing these too, I love to put together these little packages, it's fun!!
    I'll also share this on my Paper Peddler FB page ;) ~Liz

  19. What a great collection. Count me in, please.
    ♥ audrey

  20. This 2nd Give A Way has officially ended. The winner is Lisa Brown of
    Tribal Horse Designs. Congrats Lisa! Will be sending your package out shortly.

  21. I am so excited !!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you so much!!!
    I sent ya message thru maryjane boards with my address ...... let me know if you need it sent a different way .
    You made my day!

  22. Congrats to Lisa! Wahooooo! You're the winner!!!!! Yay!!! Enjoy all of Karen's STUFF!!! Know you will!

  23. thank you SO much for the wonderful prize box !!!!!!!!!! It came today and is full of such fun :) I have been enjoying looking thru it all ...such fun it will be to create with !!!!!!!!