Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Star Fish Ornaments...

We all brought beads and tools to work on ornaments. Double click on the group pic to see the detail. All were so different. Some of us made two of them and some of us made a couple pairs of earrings. I meant to take a pic of April's earrings and forgot, so April...if you are reading this, you might post a pic of yours.

We all had such a great day. Marlene learned first hand what a crazy group this is.

I got a kick out of Maddie. She asked how often we meet and we said every week, when possible. She said she only sees her best friend about once a month. In my mind I was saying, we are blessed :>))

Next week we will head to April's and start a mug challenge that she has for us. No doubt, it will be fun! That's what this is all, friendship, and laughing...

The bare pic of the star fish is what we started with. These cute little star fish are from the Phillipines. Mary had a bunch of seed beads for us to use. We all brought extras and beads to use for the project. I think you could do this with any kind of star fish. April has an orament trade for Christmas in her she is one step ahead!

OK, April...I know the beads are not in the proper rainbow logical order :>))


  1. These starfish were so fun to work on! And they all turned out so great. I was just looking at them all up close, AGAIN, and they are wonderful. So different, yet so cool! Mary, although you didn't set your beads out in rainbow-logical order they are lovely all the same. Fun to just run your fingers through. Ahhh! . . . the pleasures of beading!

  2. Thanks for posting Mary. what a fun day it was, and so colorful. so many new stories to hear from our guests! You are so generous, Mary, sharing your home and your beads and snacks with all of us. See you next week.

  3. I love your starfisch jewlwery. What are they made of???? Yes it does look like you had a lot of fun and I envey you ^Q^ meeting almost every week. But also I like to read your blog and study your pictures
    Big Hug *o* Gabie

  4. Gabie...we always enjoy your comments. It is fun to have you pop in to see us :>))

  5. The star fish ornaments were a lot of fun to make, and they really do photograph well. I just got back home and added your blog to my blog list, so fair warning Ladies, I'm going to be watching you. ;-D
    I had a great time at your home Mary. Thanks once again for making me feel so welcome.

  6. As I can see you are very good beads hunter ;-)
    Jan looks so good with her new scarf, she is a really beauty! You are all in such a good mood,it has to be very nice at your place. As you make so many fotos it is nearly one is sitting next to you!