Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday at April's...

Another great Tuesday...Each of us were working on different projects this week.
Pic #1 is Jan working on her multicolored rag rug. The combination of various colors really makes this one "pop."
Pic #2 is Pinky working on her rag rug in burgundy.
Pic #3 is April's cards that she was working on. We have some excellent card makers in our group.
Pic #4 is Karen's postcard making project.
Pic #5 is Mary's project of making some hot pads for on the table. She did the sewing and now will be adding a back and a loop to be able to hang it up.

Don't forget to double click for a close up of their work.


  1. Hi everyone. I see you were working on your rugs and I love the collages. Wish I could have been there.

  2. We all soooo enjoyed your visit Marlene and would be fun if you could come again when you are here.

  3. Thanks for posting Mary, but Rocky said to please not show his butt like that again. (He thinks he's fat.)

  4. Lokks like everyone is at it again and having fun. Jan, tell Rocky his butt's fine and he isn't fat, just full bodied.

  5. I think he's just big-boned! :~D Jan and Pinky, I think your rugs are coming right along. I sure found it a challenge to know when to add extra stitches? How about you? Karen, I really like your postcards. I can see that the kitty one must be for Lyla, then I'm guessing that someone is dieting (or eating healthy...if that's possible), and then the other one just looks like one that you'd mail to yourself. :-) Neat! Mary, what were you working on? That's the bad thing about you posting...you're so darn humble that you won't get your 'stuff' on here. What's that all about? I didn't get to your end of the table, so what were you up to? Had a great day with you, girlie girls...like normal!!! Marlene, Maddy...hope you can join us again some time. That was really fun meeting you both!

  6. Do you know Enterprize films they have had a machine you went in and then came out at an other place, in case I would have such and only one flight to and back I would choose to sit at your table :-)

  7. I love Star Trek (just watched another one last night), and I wish we could 'beam you here', Anja. It would be wonderful to meet you in person!