Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April Working on Her Rag Rug...

The double pic of Karen is supposed to be April! can sure tell I am back from Arizona!!! :>))

The next pic is of Mary's rag rug gone a purse/bag...who would every guess! As I was working on my rug, it started curling up and made itself into a bag! No kidding!

Hey girls...we all had such a fun day yesterday. I enjoyed every minute. It was so fun watching April spend her birthday money!...very fun. Today is her actual birthday and we wish her a very happy day.


  1. Nice rug/bag, Mary! it turned out cute and if you take it to the beach, sand will fall right out of it.

  2. Looking at that photo of April, well, all I can say is no one better mess with her:-)She is nearly finished, just leave her alone and get that camera out of her face!

  3. Hi, the purse is really great Mary, just tell everyone that was what it was suppose to be. Love the colors in April's rug.

  4. Yeah, yeah...nice photo, alright! Who's behind that camera..MARY!!! I'll get of these days! :~D Just kidding, Mary. Thanks for posting. You and Jan are so faithful about taking pics and getting them up here. I'll quit my complaining!