Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Celebrations and give aways

Yesterday we celebrated April's birthday.  She was taken by surprise and that was fun.  As far as she knew we were meeting at Mary's across the river so when Karen missed the turn for the bridge, April was flustered. " You missed the turn!  You can turn around here....what's going on?"  she didn't know whether to be worried or excited.  I told her we were kidnapping her and soon her concern changed to anticipation.  We pulled in to the restaurant and when we brought her inside, there were Mary and Pinky, waiting at the table for us.  April was very pleasantly surprised!  We all had some beverages and planned our day, which basically was to go SHOPPING!  We took our 50% off coupons to JoAnn's and found some things to buy.  Then we went off to the bead store, the scrapbooking store, the cafe for lunch,

on to Goodwill and finally hit Staples.  Then it was time to drop off April at her work and the rest of us headed for home.  Everyone seemed to have a fun day.  Next week we will meet at Mary's.

It was also our day to choose the winner of our final give away.  Since it was Karen's gifts this time, we asked her to choose a number and she chose the number that corresponded to Karen S over at Creative Kick.  Please contact Jan and send her your mailing address, Karen, and she will mail your gifts to you right away.

We all sure had fun with this give away.  It was good to get some new followers but it was mostly fun to pick out or create some things we thought people would enjoy receiving.  I hope you all did enjoy the gifts as much or more than we enjoyed the giving.  Please keep coming back, I'm sure there will be more art projects to share again soon.  April picked up some mugs that she is going to challenge us to decorate.  They are the lidded travel coffee mugs that one can insert decorations into between the outer and inner cup parts.  Watch this space, should be interesting. 


  1. Just stopped by to wish April a happy birthday!!
    As I read you had have all together a nice day. Bead stores are dangerous, why???
    ;-)) I showed your give-away my beading friends Claudia and Gabie, they were amazed about the book and what many creative pages are in it.

  2. April, I hope you are having a special day today. We sure had fun with you yesterday! It was fun to watch you spend your wad :>))God bless you.

  3. Happy Birthday April! Glad you all had such a fun day. I enjoy this blog and seeing what you are all up to. I know I thanked Jan and blogged my win but can't remember if I came here to thank you all. I love the dooleybobber that I won and Jan included some beautiful dyed vintage napkins, it was a wonderful surprise. We are trying to get down to the beach soon, It would be nice if I can be down next Tuesday so I could meet you all. Don't know if it will work out though but we'll see.

  4. Thank you for all the birthday wishes, girls! Anja, if you every get to America, you'd better look us up. We'd love to have you join us! Had the most wonderful day with 'my girls!' Gifts, Money & shopping! What else could a girl want? Marlene, it was so wonderful meeting you! And your sis, Maddie, too! Another wonderful day!