Saturday, December 11, 2010

Question of the month: Pinky's reply

This week we feature Pinky's reply to our question of the month, "How did you get started making your art?  What steps led you to where you are, what you are creating now?"  The photo above shows Pinky eating red velvet birthday cake at Joan's house.

"April is the reason and Mary too. We all went to Aprils and made 20 cards. That's the first time I had ever done anything like that before. I found I wanted to keep going and I started collecting bits & pieces of stuff for cards."

"I don't know that you could call mine art, but it certainly is fun and being with you all is the best !  I think you all had a part in it. April , though, showed us how to make the cards. I probably would have never come up with that."

Above is the cigar box Pinky recently altered.  I think it is beautiful and quite elegant. 
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  1. Love the altered box...and it's wonderful to hear how people get started making art. We all do it as children, but then it gets lost for most of us in the business of work and family care.

  2. Neat story, Pink. I'm so glad you decided to join this bunch of rebellious artists/quilters/mixedmedia/cardmaking freaks :>))