Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Question of the month: April's reply

Today I am posting April's reply to the question of the month which is, "How did you get started making your art?  What steps led you to where you are, what you are creating now?"  The above picture shows April being very polite and pretending like she likes the little sock monkey someone gave her.  All the art in this post was created by April.
I don't know why this was such a hard question for me, but it sure was.  My Dad is a graphic artist,  my Mom is an avid cross-stitcher, my eldest brother does some artistic welding, my sister is exquisitely talented with paper cutting, and my little brother plays the guitar by ear.
So basically I always grew up thinking they were all so talented and I couldn't do any of those things, so I just assumed I wasn't artistic.  Lots of different craft interests kept me busy over the years...macramé, scrapbooking,  eraser carving, stamping, calligraphy, and then one day making clay Christmas ornaments.   I was always a 'starter' of projects, but would rarely finish something. . . just move on to the next thing.(but only after buying every possible thing that went with that craft, of course.)  About 15 years ago (or more, maybe) I got to know Jan better, and she encouraged my daughter, Amber, and I to make some clay beads.  Then we made a yard art hanging wind chime-type-art piece out of clay and beads.  It was so fun! 

  After that we started our Stitchin' B group, and it has been so encouraging.   In 2000, Jan had made a bulls-eye quilt, and told us all how easy it was, and that maybe we could try it as a little challenge.  Well, I'd had only one HORRIBLE  experience sewing in high school home ec, so I was quite apprehensive (as you can imagine.)  Well, after much encouragement from 'my girls', guess what I called my bulls-eye quilt.....FINISHED!  Yep, that's right!  I have FINISHED on my wall proudly displayed in my hallway.  It was the first project  that I  EVER had actually finished. 
We have made all kinds of things, and my fellow S&B'ers ALWAYS say the kindest things to each other.  Even if we don't care for the other's art (I mean maybe the subject matter, or the style, or colors) we can honestly say how much we appreciate the time, effort and artistic expenditures that have gone into it.  I absolutely LOVE Tuesdays, and look forward to them every week.  Can you believe that?  It's wonderful!  I don't just feel like a person who crafts anymore....I feel like I'm an artist!  And that's because of my fellow Stitchin' B'ers.  They are so encouraging.  I love them!
As to what I'm working on now, well....a whole load of different things.  I've finished three advent calendars for my grandkids & daughter last week, made a boatload of Christmas cards, finished two fresh fir Christmas centerpieces today,  have a baby's cootie cover in the making, with a calendar challenge and a tag board challenge waiting for me to work on and get finished before another week goes by.  What would I like to get started on?   I want to make more beaded broaches, get my studio organized AGAIN, maybe knit up some washcloths (and in my wildest dreams make two-in-one-pair of knitted socks.  Mostly I just can't wait for the next challenge that my fellow S&B'ers will present to me.  It's always a challenge and it's always fun.
    Bet you're sorry, Jan, that you asked me these questions?  Didn't know you were gonna get a novel, did ya? 
    Love,  April

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  1. April...I so enjoyed your story of becoming an artist. I have been so blessed to have seen all the changes in your style, color use, and creativity. You inspire us and encourage us and for that, I am thankful. These 10+ years have been the best!

  2. Dearest friends, unfortunatly I've mist several of your post's so I'm not able to comment all aof them.
    But first of all I wish you all and you families a merry and blessed Christmas.

    Your all so gifted an creative that I only can be amazed.

    I'm looking forwart to see more of your art's.

    Dearest hugs

  3. Dear April,
    when reading your story I thought ohh, we could put ourselves into a copymachine, it resembles very much my story. And it gives me hope that one day I really can start to be also artistic. To be supported by a group is a very good mean to start. Also blogging, I think it supports to finish projects. Jan of course, she can take people by the hand and inspire them to do it by themselves.
    I love very much your paperworks and your stiched hearts are really well done.
    Looking forward to see more of your creative handicrafts!

  4. Jan, thanks for posting my reply to your questions. It's nice to hear such positive remarks from you ladies. We are blessed to have such a special group. Tuesdays are the BEST!!!