Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Calendar Round Robin

We gathered at Jan's and revealed the next phase of our Round Robin calendars. These are all random pages from our calendars but I didn't keep track of who's who's. They are all so very cool!

Remember to double click on any picture to see the detail close up...

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  1. Thank you, Jan, for posting the pics of the calender pages. It was so fun to see all of them. I'm looking forward to see what everyone writes for Question of the Month...remember you have to do it too :>))

  2. Here I find so many favorites, I am so amazed about your fantasy all together. You are a great club!! Of course I double clicked on the fotos.

  3. I love your calender Robin and wish, that I would have half of the fantasy like you've got.

    Lot of hugs

  4. They sure look good here, don't they? I LOVE our work...although work is a funny way to express all the fun we have creating! I LOVE it!