Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Laughter is good for the soul...

On the top, you will see the card Karen made me for Christmas with her little dog, Joe, on it. She made us each a card and if you other girls care to post yours, that would be great. I didn't take pics of all of them. We are thinking of making a challenge for next Christmas to each design and make a card to have printed.
Pinky, Karen and I worked on Christmas cards. Karen was even writing letters in hers! Jan was working on a new beaded piece. Jan if you took a pic of it, would you please post it? April was working on her new project...see below. The pic of the little stocking and goodies is what Pink had for each of us to take home. We had yummy lunch of ham, turkey, bread, lettuce and EVEN mayo (inside joke...:>)) She made scones to eat with our coffee. All of it was wonderful!
No wonder I look forward to Tuesdays!


  1. Look at Pinky's cute tree! It was decorated with silver and white ornaments....really cute! And then she gave us that cute little stocking full of goodies! (I'm trying to keep them hidden from Bob (my hubby)). Karen, your cards were so great! (even though they had dogs on them.) Tuesdays, gotta love 'em!

  2. Thanks for posting, Mary. It seemed like an especially fun time and Pinky's hospitality and wonderful decorations and food helped enhance the experience. April's stories certainly kept us in laughter. I have just said goodbye to company that was here for 3 days, so have not been on the computer to even look at photos, I need to get on that.