Saturday, December 4, 2010

Question of the month: Mary's reply

(Mary, all dressed up, nowhere to go!  We were having a dye workshop.)
We decided to start a question of the month feature on our group blog and our first question is:
How did you get started making your art? What steps led you to where you are, what you are creating now?
Mary sent her reply first, so here are some photos of Mary, her art, and her words.
(Above is an early wall quilt Mary created using a leaf stamp and discharge paste)

When I was young (20s), I didn't have a whole lot of money to work with and began making Christmas presents. I enjoyed it so much that it branched out from sewing to beading to drawing to dough art to making Christmas wreaths and swags...

(Above is the Roy Rogers homage collage she recently created) 
I loved making and creating, but often did not have the space for it, so I worked on fairly small projects. The the area that I lived in (Mosier, Oregon) I met many people who had the same interests and eventually created the Mosier Country Christmas Art and Craft Fair. At that time, it was the largest fair in the Columbia Gorge. It is still going today as I passed it down to a friend when we moved from the area.
We moved to Elsie/Jewell area in Oregon and I met April Wood, and later, Jan Brattain. I was invited to join a group they were starting along with Gwen Jarvela. In the beginning we sewed, quilted, beaded, etc., but today we try almost anything that sounds like fun. I will have to check with Jan, but I think it was almost 10 years ago. That's how we started our blog. We were hoping we could share our fun and creating with others looking for the same.

(Above is postcard size piece she painted) 
Right now, I am getting the materials together to make a Native American button blanket. I almost have all of what I need. It will probably have a NA raven or whale on it and will be done in black and red with white buttons. I have wanted to try this since my first trip to AK. Our trip there in Aug. reminded me that I really want to try this. Also working on some mixed media cards, ATCs, and making some quilts for our church group (Helping Hands) to give to those who need warmth this winter.
God bless your creating day...

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  1. Jan, thanks for posting this great question for us. Mary, I already knew, but it was fun to read again, that you were the organizer of the Mosier Country Christmas Art and Craft Fair. WOW! I would never have guessed that about you. But what a feather in your cap. I'm excited to see your newest Native American Raven project as you move forward on it. I know it will be wonderful. As to your donations to your Helping Hands group, Mary, that is one of the things that I love about you. You are so kind and generous with your talents and your art. You are a sweetie, Mary!