Friday, December 17, 2010

Our guest Cathy's paintings

Here is the birthday girl herself,  she looks happy to be here. 
This is one of Cathy's paintings, where she used some special items from her life to create a still life.  She had preferred landscapes and was reluctant to do a still life but her teacher persuaded her to try one with her own items.  Evidently that made all the difference in Cathy's enjoyment of this painting. 

Same with this one, items from her own collection to create the still life for this painting.

This one Cathy created from an old portrait of she and her sister. I especially love this one.   They are so cute in their dresses!

These are a couple of gifts that we gave to Cathy.  On the left is a little folded paper book from Jan and on the right is a folder from Karen that contains.....
these hand made cards.  What a lovely gift!  Karen loves to make cards and this was a great gift for Cathy.
Here is an inside page from the folded paper book from Jan.

April didn't hold back when she laid out this scrumptious feast for us. Breads, cheeses, meats, crackers and dips, fruits, desserts, it was all delicious!  It was another fun filled day with lots of laughs and sharing.

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  1. I am very delighted from Cathys paintings what a talent she got. The presents are looking so welcoming. You had have a really nice day together it seems to me.

  2. Jan, thank you so much for putting much clearer photos of Cathy's beautiful paintings. For some reason my camera went from clear to foggy. I must have bumped it or something. So glad you had ones that were better. Thank you so much!