Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tuesday At Jan's...Cozy

Mary said: Jan had her wood stove going and it was so cozy for S & B. Both April and Joan were missing, but looking forward to seeing them soon. April has returned from Twin Falls, Idaho to help her daughter, Amber get settled in to her new position as kindergarten teacher.

Jan, Pinky, Karen, and I worked on various projects and solved more of the problems of the world as we worked.

You know?...I just wouldn't trade this day for anything. It is just part of my life now. I only wish all other women had a group like this to attend. It is not only creating, but friendship at it's best. We all have had sorrows to share, happiness to share, losses to share, changes to share, etc. We receive so much encouragement from each other. Who could ask for more?

I just wanted to include this pic of the bench that Kit has just finished for our daughter in law, Sandy. He tore apart an old metal bed frame and revamped it into a bench with wooden slats for the seat. Both he and his brother Marc worked on it. Kit just finished putting the boards on yesterday. He coated them with a protective finish.


  1. We are so very fortunate to have found each other. I didn't really have friends before you all and now I am so blessed with your friendship. I am like a billionaire in my blessings.

  2. Jan, What is OFFF? I am still so naive about felting groups and conferences. Please let me know. Thanks, Cameron

  3. I envy you and would like to join you, but it is from Germany a very long long way ^ Q ^

  4. are always welcome to join us here any time!

  5. I am enjoying reading about all the fun and creativity you gals have!!!!!