Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Red Tuesday At Mary's Place...

Here I (April) am again modifying this post. Please forgive me but I'm removing Robin's leaf photo because I did not get her permission to post it here. She would rather not have her artwork displayed on the 'net.' So sorry, Robin!

Today we did leaf cutting as inspired by April's sister, Robin. She is a wonderful artist and how she ever thought of cutting with leaves...who knows...

Looking below, you will see our efforts in leaf cutting. I know there must be a better description of this, but I am drawing a blank...
From left to right top row: Karen's, Jan's, April's, Mary's. From left to right second row: Mary's, Jan's, Pinky's, and Karen's. I think we all really enjoyed this project. April really did a super job! She was so precise and hers looked so delicate.

The four ATCs pictured are Pinky's. She wanted us all to chose one to send to a friend of Jan's that wanted to trade ATCs. I think we all picked a different one and finally she just shut her eyes, we moved them all around, and she picked the one with the feather that was oriental looking. She did a wonderful job on all of them.

The last pic is of our cigar boxes. Mary challenged the group to each pick a box and the idea is to transform the box in a any way...fabric, paper, used newspaper, etc. You name it, you can use it. We all thought this sounded like fun!

We decided to each do calendars like we did last year. We used a sketch book and transformed it into a calendar by adding lines and dates. We passed them to each other each week and when we were done, each of us had a wonderful calendar that our friends had done their art work in. I just love the one I received last year...a real gift of love.


  1. Those leaves are really cool and beautiful. Did you cut them with a knife? Love the ATC's, Pinky did do a great job on them. The cigar box is a great idea and has so many uses.

  2. It was another fun day! Thanks for posting, Mary. I'm looking forward to altering my cigar box. After I smoke the cigars, of course! (kidding)

  3. Marlene...we used exacto knives on rhodie leaves.

  4. Dear Ladies, you've got so many beautifull ideas. I so sad, that I'm living across the ocean and can't join you. But I'm also glad, that you're sharing them with us.