Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Leaf cutting!

This was such a fun project. I'm excited to see Mary's photos, which she took of all our leaves. I'm putting mine on here, so that my sis, Robin, can see that I actually made two leaves. So fun!(Thanks for giving me your leaf Robin!!! It encouraged me to give it a go myself!) The bottom leaf (the smaller one) was my first one, and I'm wondering if you can tell that I spelled LOVE on it. I have to admit that I was dreaming about this project for a week before we sat down to start. I drew up a little plan and was going to spell LOVE in the negative space, but in real life carving was TO HARD, so hence the example here. :-) The larger leaf on the top was my second attempt. I like it! I tried a curlie que and that was a real challenge. I'm not sure if you can tell, but because the leaf was so large and curvy, when flattened, it wrinkled onto itself, smashing some of the carving. The stars up above, and the one on the bottom right are made with a paper punch. The 6 little squares on the bottom left were cut out with a punch, and then 'holes' were turned over and glued onto the front (that's the light green squares.) Cool, huh? This was such a fun project. I hope to encourage Robin to make many more of these and either sell them or gift them to people, 'cause I think they are fantastic! Wouldn't you LOVE to get one?


  1. April, I really think you have the knack for this! Yours were soooo neat.

  2. These are both lovely, I yes you can see The Love.

  3. No problem on the edit, April. We completely understand Robin's stand on this.

  4. Dear April,
    I am so astonished by your leaf project, never saw that before. It is a great idea. You need special leaves which are a little bit stronger, otherwise one can't cut this nice ornaments into them? I am very fascinated about the below part also, because there is nearly nothing left of the leaf. This is only for someone who has a quite and patient hand, I imagine. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Dear April,
    Your cuted leaves are amacing. Yes you can read the word leave :-) Thanks for sharing.