Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Half the group

Tuesday the 21st found us at my studio (Jan) and Karen, April and I had to try to enjoy ourselves even though Mary, Pinky and Joan were not able to make it.  We missed you girls!  April was inspired by my beaded hearts to try her hand at one.  Actually two but I only managed to take a picture of one, seen above.  It is gorgeous!  She really enjoyed going through her bead, button and charm stash for this lovely combination of her favorite colors.  Nice Picot edging, April!

I gave Karen a couple of Reptile magazines and she really went to work, cutting and arranging and creating these cards.   Nice work Karen!  She can make the coolest cards out of anything and she has a lot of fun doing it.

Here are April and Karen, busy at work in my cluttered up studio.  It is creative clutter!  In the background to the right you can see the quilt blocks I was arranging on my design wall for the queen size quilt I am working on.

I also worked on these paper clay tags. I will use them in cards and on my art works.  I used the tutorial from Marie's blog. You can find it here: Art from my Heart.  Marie uses Cernit polymer clay.  I'm sure hers are more durable than mine.   
We are planning a leaf cutting workshop next week at Mary's.What is a leaf cutting workshop you ask?  Stay tuned next week for the results.
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  1. Thanks for posting, Jan! I really like how your paper clay embellishments turned out. Really striking! As for your's lovely! And, Karen...I really like how you can take, what I would consider just 'stuff from a magazine,' and turn it into a work of art. So Cool! As for my beaded heart....all my encouragement and inspiration came from Jan. She is amazing! Missed you....Mary, Pinky & Joan! Can't wait until next week and our Leaf Cutting Project. Now that's gonna be FUN!

  2. Beautiful heart! I also think the clay embellishments are wonderful and a great idea. I am curious as to what leaf cutting is and looking forward to reading about it.

  3. That's nice to look you and your friends over the shoulder. One could call your place heartfactory! What nice heart April made! I see a lot of phantasy in the cards of Karen! I already wondered from what the tags are made, only from paper? I will stay tuned! ;-)