Sunday, September 19, 2010

St. Mary's Quilt show

April, Jan, Joan, Bonnie, (aka Peninsula Patti, Pinky) and Mary all made it to the 40th annual St. Mary's Catholic Church Quilt show and sale.  Unfortunately Karen wasn't able to make it. 

Here are Mary and Pinky perusing the quilts.  All of these are for sale and range in price from $50 to $3000. They are all beautiful.  If ever you are in the market for a quilt, this is a great place to purchase one.  Come early for best selection.  The batik quilt below was a lovely lap quilt for only $50.  I almost bought it myself.
This next one was a beautiful  example of using a bird print to great effect.

Here are two of the ladies who help put this show on.  Notice the old fashioned raffle coupon basket nearby.   Maybe I will win the quilt some day. 

This was a gorgeous hand stitched display quilt.   Of course I had to get a picture of it.
They also serve a delicious lunch so we all partook of that.  It was another fun outing for our group.  We did miss Karen though, hopefully she will be able to come next year.

A milestone has been reached in our group blog,  This is our 200th post!  Yippeee!!
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  1. Wahoooooo! 200!!! Seems like we should do something, maybe a giveaway...or something? What do you think, ladies?

  2. Mary said: It was soooo fun to go to the quilt show with you all...very inspiring. The lunch was yummy and the company, excellent! We missed you, Karen, but hope to see you soon.

    Thank you, Jan, for putting on the pics. I'm sure glad you had your camera!

  3. I like very much the foto of your group, it looks like female power, very nice group portrait! It must have been exiting to view what other quilters are making and to share experiences.