Friday, September 17, 2010

A Birthday Present for Us????? Thanks Jan!

This remarkable birthday girl made us each a wonderful beaded brooch for HER birthday!!! I am enclosing pics. Double click to see the detail. These are fantastic! The Purple with dragon fly is, of course, for April. The Yellow with llama is for Joan. The Pink with shell is for Pinky. The Blue with various cowboy embellishment is for Karen. The red with sunshine is for Mary.

Each is a pin and will be treasured by all of us.

THANK YOU, JAN!!!! We love you.


  1. These are incredibly beautiful pins.

  2. I ♥ you all too! They were fun to make and a good challenge, finding the right charm and colors for each one.

  3. The most wonderful gift...that's for sure! My gorgeous purple one (the most beautiful...sorry girls) is giving me all kinds of inspiration. I wanna make one myself BAD. :-D Who else do you know who GIVES gifts at their own birthday party...except Bilbo Baggins? Thanks again, Jan! Luv ya!

  4. These hearts are so wonderful, they are little treasures, mine I really watch carefully.

  5. OH Wooooooooooow!!!!!!!!!! They are so beautifull. I saw one of Jan's hearts in naturall