Saturday, March 16, 2013

Fun at April's

Page spread from Karen's folded paper journal.
This week we got together at April's.  She baked up a pineapple upside down cake to share with us.  Wow, that was delicious!  Thanks April!

Cover on Jan's folded paper journal using one of her hand cut stencil/masks.

April's completed shell angel.  This will make a great ornament for her Christmas tree this year.  Only about 284 days till Christmas!

Here is Mary's shell angel, beautifully framed.  Nice work ladies!  Thanks to Sharon, Mary's friend, for donating the shells and beads and idea.  It was a fun challenge!

April has been enjoying some doodling on decorative card stock using her Signo Uniball gel pens purchased at Jet Pens, where they have great prices.  We all love the white gel pens, they are the best for writing over just about anything.  These will be great additions to her card making.

This is April's folded paper journal, as she works in it.

Karen was busy making Easter cards.

Pinky continued making the iris folding cards.

She is becoming quite expert at it!

Mary brought some knitting to work on.  This will be a wash cloth.  Pretty colors!

Jan too was knitting, beginning a new hat.

April has a unique characteristic:  She collects dead birds.  Yes, you read it right, she collects dead birds.  She doesn't kill them!  No, she only collects fresh ones that she finds dead.  Here she is holding a bagged Gray Jay she found on her deck.  Evidently it hit the window too hard.  She looks like the cat who bagged the canary!

What does she do with them, you might ask?  That is what we all ask her, anyway.  She has great plans for them although she hasn't fully decided just what those plans are as yet.  In the meantime she keeps them in her freezer.  Here you can see two Varied Thrush, one Stellar Jay, one Western Tanager, a Red Shafted Flicker and one Evening Grosbeak.  We tease her mercilessly about this hobby of hers.

When Jan came across this picture in a Smithsonian magazine she couldn't help but alter it a bit before giving it to April.

We love her anyway.  

That's it for this week.  Be sure and return in two weeks for our next exciting adventure in art!  Happy Spring break!! 
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  1. I hope I got April's birds names correct. I don't suppose it matters. had a great time yesterday, ladies! Thanks for hosting us, April.

  2. Thanks for posting, Jan. Yep, those names look right to me. I really don't see what you guys find so 'odd' about my bird collection. You all will be really jealous one day when I finally figure out what I'm gonna do them and become famous over it! Oh, of these days...really, really soon!!!
    Especially love Karen's page with the horned animals. Neat!!! You are so GOOD to be making Easter cards. I hadn't even put my brain to THAT!!
    And Pinky...your Iris Folding cards are just beautiful! You do a real fine job with them.
    Jan, your bird mask worked wonderfully...that's a real striking page! Like your knitting project, too! It'll be a great hat.
    Mary, I really like your colorful dishcloth! I still have a ton of cotton yarn that is begging me to knit it up. One of these days!
    Had a great day with you girls. We are so richly blessed to have each other and our special friendship!!! It still is amazing to me how much I look forward EVERY WEEK to being with you all!

  3. Looks like you all had a good time again. I'n not sure about the dead birds though although I'm sure that they will turn into an artistic masterpiece at some stage.

  4. Great posting, Jan. I love the part about April's birdies. Everytime I go into the bathroom at April's I crack up with her in her white lab jacket :>)) Great day with the gals...always a good time!