Sunday, March 3, 2013

Stencil work with S@B

As I stated in the previous post, Scott at Dot's n Doodles in Astoria gave us an impromptu demonstration in using stencils with molding paste, gel medium and paints.  So this week we gathered at Karen's and everyone brought their supplies and we stenciled away!  It was a blast!  Above you can see one of the pieces April created.  It turned out fabulous!

Here is one from Karen.  Just lovely.  I think both Karen's and April's were created on card stock.

Some pieces that Pinky made.  she colored the molding paste before applying it and we all agreed we like that better than trying to color it afterwards.  I love that flower stencil!

Mary had brought a wonderful Hand stencil and created this piece on black card stock.  I love this!

Not sure who's work this is but it is gorgeous.  These were mostly practice pieces, learning how to use the supplies together.

Above is a project Karen completed.  Mary gave us all a little bag of shells and beads and challenged us to make something from them and this is Karen's.  All packaged up in a pretty box, on decorated card stock.  Very striking!  I believe she is gifting it to one of her sisters.

Here is Karen, Mary, Pinky and April, filling their beverage cups prior to getting down to serious work.

We had a tray with water in it for soaking the stencils.  Karen noticed how beautiful patterns were forming in the water so of course we had to get a photo of it and then.....

put a piece of card stock on and captured this marbled effect from it!  Then we all brought in tags and card stock to capture more images before it muddied up.  Bonus!

Scrabble, Karen's cat, says "Put that camera down and get to work!!  
Next week we plan to gather at Jan's.  See you there!
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  1. Thanks for posting, Jan....and MUCH thanks to Dots & Doodles for supporting our 'molding paste' workshop. We had a blast molding, pasting, stenciling & painting! Lots of room to spread out in Karen's dining room, and so comfy, cozy next to the new wood stove. It was a spectacular day! Love our workshops! It is so fun to learn new things!!!