Saturday, March 9, 2013

Meeting at Jan's

We met at Jan's this week.  Everyone brought the folded paper journals we have been working on.  The first photos are of Pinky's.  Above is her front cover.

Pinky's pages

Pinky's pages 2

Karen's cover

Karen's pages, her drawing

Karen's pages

Mary's cover

Mary's pages using her hand carved stamps

Mary's pages with more of her and carved stamps.

a card Mary was working on.

A card Karen was working on using some pages from a Citrisolved National Geographic.

April's journal pages.

A folded paper card Pinky created.  Very cool Koi!

Pages from Jan's folded paper journal using her hand cut stencils.

The quilt blocks Jan was working on.  They are ready to start putting together once she does a bit more arranging.

Mary had given us some shells to do something creative with and this is what Pinky made.

The other side of Pinky's shell angel.

Jan's shell dragonfly.
 Karen's shell work.

Mary, Pinky and Karen in Jan's messy cluttered studio.

Karen, April Mary and Pinky.  
That is what we worked on this week.  Next week we will probably be at April's, see you then!
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  1. WOW! All these things you've all worked on are excellent!!!! I enjoyed looking at these things as much as you enjoyed making them. The Koi is great. Jan's quilt blocks are gorgeous. I LOVE the fish card and the N. Geog. card. All of the folded paper journals are so colorful and fun. The shell insects are sweet. I wish I could have been there!! FUN!

    1. You would have had fun with us Audrey!

  2. Such a variety of gorgeous things. Look forward to seeing the quilt finished Jan

    1. Thanks maggi, I will likely show it when it is finished.

  3. Looks like so much fun. I wish I had gals in my area to meet up with.

    1. I wish you did too Kristina because it sure is fun! Maybe you haven't looked hard enough?

  4. Great job on the posting! Would you believe I finally got my shell angel done? Yes! It's Mary dragging up the rear...I love every minute of our time together. There have been times where I feel outside my comfort zone, but those times are so good for all of us...we stretch and discover we can do it! Thank you all for being part of my life.

  5. I finally finished my angel, too!!! Still fiddling around with my paper-folded journal, though. That project is gonna take me awhile! Looking forward to seeing you all at my house on Friday!!! (thanks for posting, Jan!)