Sunday, March 3, 2013

Karen's Birthday!

This is a very late post, because we celebrated Karen's birthday over two weeks ago!  That doesn't take away from the fun we all had.  So much fun in fact that I forgot to take pictures except for these few.  We met in Astoria at Stephanies Cabin restaurant, as usual.  Above you can see Karen with her rootin' tootin' cowboy gift.

I'm not sure but I think this is a journal that Mary created for Karen.  She looks pretty happy about it, we all know how much she likes blank books.  She fills them all up eventually.

April packaged Karen's gifts in this old suitcase, which Karen loved.  

Inside was plenty of goodness and Karen thoroughly enjoyed going through it.

Our waitress photo bombed this shot, as Karen was looking at the gifts from Pinky.
After breakfast we went on to the fine art supply store, Dot's and Doodles.  Scott, one of the owners, gave us an impromptu demonstration on how to use stencils with molding paste and paints.  You will see how much we took to heart his instructions in the next post.  We all bought one or more items there before moving on to JoAnn's craft store, the Goodwill, and Dollar store.  It was an extremely stormy day but finally it cleared off and we decided to linger in town a little longer and took Karen to a late lunch.  We managed to linger until 5pm!  Didn't make it home until after 6pm, exhausted but happy.  We all enjoy these celebrations as much as the person we are celebrating!
Happy Birthday Karen!!
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  1. It was a fantastic day! And you're right, is as much fun for the participants as for the birthday girl herself. Can't wait until next month....ahem...April! oh, yeah...that's bound to be my favorite outing! hahaha!!! Thanks for posting, Jan!