Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Another fun day

We gathered at April's again on the 4th.  Above you can see some of the cards Karen was working on.  Cool images, Karen!

April was creating some card gift sets as prizes for a bunco party she was going to be participating in.

She was packaging them up in this recycled plastic container that had held some salad.  Great idea!

Mary was also working on cards, including some she was using her wonderful hand carved stamps on.

This is one she made using an image of one of Pinky's daughters  smiling face.  Cute!  The card is cute too.

Pinky was also working on cards, she loves making these iris paper folding cards and is quite expert at it now.  Lovely!

Jan continued work on her knitted hat, when she wasn't perusing these magazines.

More of the prizes April was creating for bunco.  These are a package of book marks.  Fantastic!

Everybody has got to get in on the act including April's cat Arnold, posing with a card that Mary made.  Her hand carved stamps are so well done!

When we first started getting together we always hauled our sewing machines around and were mainly into creating art quilts and sewing projects.  Then April gave us a workshop on card making, Pinky and Karen joined the group and the focus has mainly switched to paper arts.    Glue and B(eye)tch just doesn't have the same ring to it though, so we remain Stitch 'n B.
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  1. You'll certainly never be short of cards. What a good idea to use recycled salad containers

  2. Great post, Jan! Isn't Arnold cute! Oh, he's soooooo cuuuuute!!!! You know, we are all so talented! I just love all the different styles and artwork that we create, and we have the BEST time doing it! After more than 12 years I STILL LOVE to get together with 'my girls!'