Tuesday, January 25, 2011

TriShutter Card

Everything's ALL upside down! Yikes! Who gave me control over this, anyway! You'll have to just try and make heads or tails outta this mess. Sorry, girls!!!

First, let me say that I'm not very familiar with putting 'stuff' on here. So if anything is out of order...or pictures a little 'funky'..it's because I'm not usually the photographer. (You girls will be more apt to remember your cameras from here on out. Karen was our hostess and let us use her great big table that's downstairs. Jan was our instructor, today, for our TriShutter Card Workshop. Jan did a fantastic job (of course!)

Here's a photo of the girl's working. Jan on the left, then Karen, then Pinky hiding behind Mary. Check out all of Karen's neat decor!

The second picture is what the TriShutter Card looks like after you have made your first folds and cuts.

The lavender card, with the lovely butterfly, is the beginnings of Pinky's Card. It's gonna be beautiful! The Teal and Lavender 'Leaf" Card is Jan's example (and of course..since it has leaves...I love it!) The rusty southwestern looking card is Karen's Card. It really turned out neat. For some reason this would only let me put up 5 photos, so I will add some more in a minute.

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  1. one can see everything very good, what a cute idea with that shutter cards, never seen that before.