Thursday, January 20, 2011

Finishing Touch For Joan's Card....

I took Jan's suggestion and tied the card instead of leaving the ring on it. It turns much easier. Since Joan loves books, I put strings, ribbons, threads, etc. and glued little miniature books to them that I had already. I really didn't know what to do with them until this came up...perfect.

I added the pics of both sides of the pages we did for Joan's card. Sorry about the sideways one! We all enjoyed doing an extra page of our challenge for Joan.


  1. Nice work Mary. I like how you put them together and the embellishments you added, looks good. I see a little J for Joan there too! What a fun day we had!

  2. Mary, thanks for being the person to put this little book together for us. Joan is going to love it. I'm sure she especially appreciates getting stuff in the mail. (I wonder if Max checks that for her, too? so!) How fun for her to get to look at each piece, front and back. I think Jan's idea to tie it together (instead of using the hinged "C" link ring) is a good one. Much easier to spread open...and it's prettier, too. Mary, some of your little embellishments look like little books...and one even a newspaper. What are those? Thanks for your additional work. It's a sweet gift. Thanks, too, to Pinky for her challenge to us all.

  3. They were little miniature books, April. I got them at a GS awhile ago and was just waiting for the right use. Joan loves books, so.....there you go! I put the book in the mail on Wed. or Thurs...can't remember, but she should have it by tomorrow I would think.