Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our late Christmas party!!

Our chip board challenge that Pinky set for us. From left:  Jan's, Pinky's, Mary's, April's and Karen's on the bottom.
After having to put it off for two weeks in a row due to bad weather, we were finally able to get together and have our Christmas party!  Whoo hoo!!  We nearly had to cancel this week also due to the river almost flooding, but that is another story and it didn't happen anyway. 

Karen's finished chip board challenge

Last year Pinky had purchased some chip boards and challenged us all to do something with them.  There were 5 boards for each of us.  We like the "no rules" approach and followed it for this challenge.  Our only rule was to finish them by a set date and even that got changed.  But they were finally finished so we revealed them today. 

Pinky's chip board was turned into a birthday card

April's chip board is a hanging display of  Bible verses
Mary turned hers into a recipe display

 Joan couldn't join us so we all made one board for her.  These are the ones we made for Joan.
After we finished showing our handiwork, we exchanged gifts.  I didn't get many pictures of that except for this one of Mary who has just opened her gift of a Fiesta bowl from April.  You can see that Mary is an avid collector by the display behind her.
After we ate the delicious soup, bread, cheese and dessert that Mary had prepared for us, we finally began to work on some projects.  Most of us were making cards.  I barely got started when it was time to go.

It was such a fun day.  Even the drive is fun because we talk and talk and laugh and laugh.  Sometimes we cry a bit too.
This last photo shows some stones that Mary had.  She isn't sure what they are but they were found in a near by creek.  Does anyone out there know what they are?  Evidently there are a lot of them.  The holes in them go all the way through the centers.

We appreciate all the comments that you leave for us and thank you for stopping by.  Wish you could join us!

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  1. The books are great and I bet they were fun to make. The stones are interesting but have no idea what they are. Wonder if someone used them as weights for fishing or something like that.

  2. Thank you, Jan for posting. I was just getting ready to do it and had put on Joan's final card and there you were! Thank you soooo much!

  3. The lady who gave us the rocks said they were possibly fishing weights also, but she has many of these in her creek. The holes look too uniform to be hand done...a real mystery!

  4. Jan, the info you sent on these saying they might be really old loom weights for weaving was very interesting! The pics looked similar for sure.
    Thanks for sending that.