Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Forgot My Camera Today!

Sorry to say I forgot my camera today! April did take some pics and hopefully will post them on here. Jan taught us how to make a tri fold shutter card and they were so much fun. I only got two made, but April did about 4. I think Pinky and Karen made two.

We were at Karen's today and as usual, the time went way too fast. Karen prepared for us a feast for lunch. Jan made us some beautiful papers to use on our work.

As usual, our Tuesday was a wonderful time of friendship and creation.

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  1. Mary, thanks for posting! As you'll see, I put up some photos, but they're kinda jumbled up! (don't send a boy....or a girl, in this case!) Forgot to tell Jan thank you for making us all this cute dragonfly/star paper!!! It is just so cute!
    I can't wait until summer so that we WON'T have to leave so early each day. I really, REALLY wanted to stay longer, Karen. You house is so HOMEY!!! I just love Tuesdays! Thanks, girls!