Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tri-Shutter Card page 2

Check out this spread! Karen had croissants, rolls, pastrami, turkey, mustard, MAYO, 4-bean salad, pasta salad, mixed nuts, lettuce, tomatoes, hummus, crackers, blueberries, & a poppyseed dessert. YIKES! It was fantastic!

April's 3rd card is made up AGAIN
with some paper just like Jan's. Great minds!

As you can see this green card (April's 2nd) is made up of some of the same papers that Jan has used. We have the same paper pack! :-D

Karen's 2nd card is just in the beginning stages! You can see that she used the same southwestern themed paper.

This tourquise and striped card is Jan's 2nd card.
Check out how different it looks by using different
papers in the center portion. Neat, Jan!

Karen and Pinky...hard at it!

Mary's Card started with a two-colored(kinda pink & blue) card stock that Pinky gave her. It fit perfectly for this TriShutter Card. Mary also used a little corner punch, curlique punch and some decorative paper that Jan just gave us to enhance her card. Pretty cool, Mary.

This purple card with green dots is one of April's cards. This is a really fun card to make, and I
sure appreciate Jan showing us how to make
them. Thanks, Jan!


  1. Good post, April! All the cards turned out so beautifully, everyone really took to this technique as I knew you would.

    Great lunch Karen laid out! Delicious.

  2. Thank you so much, Jan, for showing us how to do these cards...very fun! Kit really liked them when I showed them to him...fun day!