Monday, November 5, 2012

Switching To Thursdays...

With our switch to Thursdays, we get to have time with April during her work week.  We are all so happy about that.

We met at April's this week and did our first trade on our calendars.  I hope I can keep these straight as I tell you who did what...

Karen couldn't be with us today as she had a previous appointment, but looking forward on Pinky's Birthday Bash to have everyone together again.  We are thinking the Thursdays will work out great unless April has her schedule changed.

Below are the pages we all did for each other.

April did the following two for Lyla in Redmond, Oregon.  In the first one, she used some of the lettering skills she has learned in some of her online art classes. might have to do one of these for each of us...Her second is a fun Christmas page.

 These two pages are the ones Karen did for Pinky.  We were sorry she couldn't join us on Thursday.  It's always fun to see the results of our calendar trades.  These two pages were so neat to see in person.  Take a close look at all the goodies Karen puts into her work.

 Jan did the next two for Karen's calendar.  The top one she used alcohol inks.  They coming in amazingly bright colors.  I think we all have fun working with them.  The Raven was so neat.  I'm thinking we are all partial to ravens...

 The next two are the ones that Mary did for April's calendar.  April loves purple.  The beach scene for August is a vintage look at coastal life.

 Pinky and I won't see you next Thursday.  S and B will be at Karen's house.  Have fun!


  1. Love the new back ground Mary! thanks for posting, these calendars will be so great to use next year, I always enjoy mine. So enjoyable to view my friends work each month.

  2. I'd love to see what one of these calendars look like completed. The pages here are interesting and your individual styles work well together.

    1. Hi Maddy...good to hear from you. When these calendars are done, they will be bursting with art. They always turn out wonderful. The best part is that at least two pages are done by each person in our group, so these calendars are fill with lots of love and friendship. This year we found blank calendars at Fred Meyer, punched holes with a 3 ring punch, added a piece of heavy card stock in between each month for us to work on, and added 3 extra pages in the back for signing and bloopers...yes, we do that occasionally. Then we put three rings in the holes. This allows the calendar to have more on each page and still be able to flip the pages easily. This would make a really coooool Christmas present for a friend or relative.

  3. Yes, thanks for posting, Mary! Maybe your new background will get us through our winter. (It's pretty rainy & chillly at my house today.) It is always so fun to see each and every page of our calendars as the year goes by. I'm working on Mary's right now, and because we've been given three weeks to complete it....I KNOW that's how long it will take me to get 'er done! I AM THE PROCRASTINATING QUEEN!!!