Saturday, October 6, 2012

Due to a blunder on my part, no pictures were taken at our last time together at Karen's.  I simply worked on envelopes made of old calendar pages and forgot to take pictures.  Jan rode her bike, so didn't have her camera on her either, photos of the day.  We all worked away on projects...Jan on her rug, Pinky and Karen on cards.  Karen made us yummy coffee and great homemade muffins.  What a nice way to start the morning, especially since I didn't eat my breakfast.  You might say this was not a together day for me.  We did have a good time with non stop talking and usual.  What a great group of friends.

We did decide to do calendars again this year.  We each get a calendar and have some blank pages in it.  We rotate the calendars around to each other every two weeks, each one doing 2-3 pages.  They turn out so neat.  I am looking at mine from last year right now and love it!  Jan did the page and it is for Halloween...Boo!

Below are some items Pinky and I made in a class we took on Friday at the Picture Attic in Long Beach, WA.  Most are favors you can use by a place setting or party.  They were very fun to work on.

 These are the five items we both made.  It was about a two hour class.
 This little purse can hold a gift card or small gift or goodies.
 This little favor can hold a little gift or candies.
 This is actually two Hershey candies wrapped in holiday paper and tied...very easy and cute.
 This is a post it holder for in your purse.  It comes with it's own pen.
This little fella is a jack in the box type favor.  When you open it, it pops open and has a star burst candy inside.

All of these would make really cute favors for a tea or holiday dinner or party...very fun!

Next week we will be at Pinky's.  It was originally supposed to be at my house, but my husband is sick with the flue, so we germs at Pink's.


  1. These are tooo cute! Whether a party favor or a small holiday gift for the person you work with, they are so cute and cherishable because they easily show they are made with love.

  2. These are all so adorable! Looks like you ladies have so much fun together.

    1. We do, Brenda...this bunch of friends are the very best!

  3. These look like they were a fun project, Mary & Pinky! Thanks for sharing them. Maybe one of these days you'll show us how they were made. I think my favorite is the little purse. So cute! Missing you girls!