Friday, November 16, 2012

Pinky's Birthday Bash...

We started the Birthday Bash at Stephanie's Cabin in Astoria.

We all made it and ordered our breakfast.  Of course, we do a lot of yacking while eating, so it takes us awhile to get through it.
 Jan must have said something pretty funny...We're probably talking about men's underwear again...
 It's getting serious now...time to open Pinky's presents.  Here, she is opening Jan's present to her.  I am hoping Jan will have taken a picture of it.  It was a beautiful wall of her "doolybobbers"...not sure if I spelled that right.  Pinky was thrilled.  There was a little bag that was filled with goodies for card making and a huge pack of glue.
 Here Pinky is opening a card from Karen.  Karen gave her the neatest stamp that had a heart and a "P" on it.  It would be perfect for the back of her cards as Pinky usually puts a "p" on the back of each one.  Karen found her lots of card making supplies too.  I think she won't have to buy anything for quite awhile.  Karen brought Lyla's present, too.  Lyla loves to cut out tiny things from the computer, magazines and where ever she finds them.  She gave Pinky several envelopes of those and some beautiful hand made post cards.

Below is one of the post cards that Lyla made for Pinky.,,very cool.
Next is the sisters, Pinky and Mary, with Pinky holding one of the gifts Mary gave her.

We started our shopping in Dots and Doodles in Astoria.  It is a great art store and non of us got out of there without spending a goodly amount.  It seems like there is always something new to spend money on.
From Dots and Doodles, we headed to Joannes and one came out empty handed...Our last stop was at the Goodwill in Warrenton.  It just seemed to be everyone's day as we all found great things.  We had to step it up a bit at this point as April had to go get her student and return to Jewell.  We had left our cars at Stephanie's Cabin.  April dropped us off there, we all exchanged hugs, wished the birthday girl one more Happy Birthday, and headed for home.  I think that was one of the fastest days I can ever remember!
It is always fun to celebrate birthdays in this group.

We drew names for Christmas earlier at Stephanie's and stashed those away in our memories...good luck with that...

We won't meet next week as it is Thanksgiving, so by the way...Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

See you in two weeks.


  1. Thanks, Mary, for posting...and all the great pics! We had the most fun day! It was a blast watching Pinky open ALL her presents. Breakfast was yummy, and all the shops....well, that was SO FUN....but I have one complaint! We usually have time to hit Costco, Freddies, Staples, Dollar Store...AND have LUNCH! What happened to our day? Can't believe that you girls didn't finish up RIGHT after I dropped you off! Tehehehe! I had a blast, but I sure was tired when I got home. Happy belated birthday, Pinky!

  2. It was a fun day! Great weather and great friends, great gifts, what could be better?

  3. What a fun day you guys had!! I love getting to peek in on your world!

  4. Happy belated birthday Pinky. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.