Saturday, November 24, 2012

Treat box idea

Hello, since we didn't get together this week due to Thanksgiving, I thought I'd share this project I have been working on.  I got the idea from the magazine Stampers Sampler, the current edition, page 64.  I will explain how I made them.  The photo above shows several stages at once in the process. 

1. take an empty toilet paper roll, paint the inside with your color choice, I used red.  I also painted an inch or so of the outside top and bottom so no plain cardboard shows after the decorative paper is

2. Glue decorative paper around the outside of the roll, then glue one end closed.  

3. Glue a holiday scene on the front, over the decorative paper, making sure they are in the correct position, with the closed end at the bottom.  (I found free Christmas scene downloads from Lisa Brawner's blog, .  (mouse over the link, I see it doesn't show on our blog because of the dark background)  She is very generously allowing free downloads of the images she has gathered.  Thanks Lisa!  Your images are great!)

4. Glue other ephemera of your choice to the holder.  I used old lace and stamps and bows.

5. I used a hole punch to make holes on each side of the top of the roll to attach a hanging string.  I might use ribbon or wire in my next ones.  I will fill these with candy or some small gift and give them away.  They could be used as tree ornaments or hung from a door knob or anywhere. 

I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial.  Now I better get back to decorating my rolls.  I knew I was saving those rolls for something!!
Hope you all had a thankful Thanksgiving and are buying handmade gifts for Christmas, if you aren't making your own. 
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  1. What a great idea!! Love these Jan!

  2. Cute idea, Jan. We have PLENTY of toilet paper rolls!!
    Happy Holidays

  3. Great idea Jan. Thanks for sharing.

  4. These are really cute, Jan! I like'em! Great idea for stocking stuffers, too! Could even be name plates at the table! Thanks for the great tutorial, too! Hope you are feeling better after not feeling so well for Thanksgiving!

  5. Cute! I have created a lot of treat containers over the years, for school parties. However, my kids are past those years now. I do have some of the ideas on my S.C.R.A.P. blog. I think there is a snowman treat container you might like.

  6. Great idea, Jan! They would even be neat to put some cash in for a gift. You could do them for any time of year. Thanks so much for sharing your find with us. See you