Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We Are All Together Again...

This week we met at Mary's house in Long Beach.  We were all working on different projects.  April's daughter, Amber joined us for the day.  She has been working in Dutch Harbor, AK as a teacher and home for the summer.  April and Amber have just returned from an 11 day camping adventure.  It was fun to hear their stories of camping and car rescue.  There was so much laughing going on that some of us had tears coming down our faces.  It doesn't get any better than this!

Below is a card that Pinky made while we were all visiting.  She used two special punches to make the disks and then proceeded to use metallic thread to wind around each peak to form the design.  This is really striking and makes a beautiful card.  Pink, you just get better and better at this.

Below is a new flag April is making for someone in her Bible study.  She has been learning new lettering techniques and the use of bright color and these just turn out amazing...
 Next, is Amber's hands putting together a beautiful beaded bracelet in every color under the sun.  She said the colors reminded her of the bright colors you see in African crafts and clothing.  She would like to go there some day on a mission trip.
 Jan was working on inchies...little creations of art that are only one inch by one inch.  She gave each of us one when she was done.  She was quietly creating while we were all yacking...
Karen was working on her art journal.  She is just loving this.  Each page is unique and full of color.  Sometimes she goes back and adds more to a page later.  She does a bit of writing in it also.  She was telling us that she works on it almost every day.
Mary was working on carving rubber stamps.  They are made on Speedball Speedycut blocks.  Her favorites were a fox and a raven.  They will make great cards, tags, wrapping paper, and who knows...
Jan, if you have any other pictures you would like to add, please go ahead.  It was a very fun day and went way too fast.  It was just so good to be together again and have our laughing fix.  This group is better than therapy :>))  See you next time!


  1. Thanks for posting Mary. We were all a busy bunch! I didn't take any pictures this time. You should post a link to your ebay site where you are selling your hand carved stamps.

  2. Mary is right! This group is better than therapy!!! We have so MUCH FUN together. I just LOVE you girls! Can't wait to see you tomorrow at Karen's...we get to see her new house color! Yea!!! (It doesn't take much to make this girl happy.) Thanks for posting, Mary! I'll try to bring my camera this next time, and get some photos, too!