Tuesday, July 3, 2012

More birthday pics!!! And just let me apologize for however this posting looks. They've changed stuff AGAIN, so I have no idea what I'm doing! Jan & Mary are much better at this, and I think I'll just let them be the future post-gals for this blog! :0D

Mary's gifts from Karen came in this cute Cowboy Basket!  Stock full of good stuff!  

 This gorgeous Cowgirl Purse is from Jan.  She purchased it from an online blogger friend.  Wow!  So neat!  Lots of ooohs and aaaahs over this bag!
This cute bag, from Pinky, was FULL of craft/art/gift STUFF!  One of the gifts was this cute coyote puzzle!  So Sweet!
Lots and lots of laughing today!  It felt SO good!  Glad Jan is back with us and feeling better!!!

One of the presents in April's Gift!!!  Money to spend for the day.....and I'm pretty sure she spent if ALL!!!!  Wahoooooo!!!  More art supplies!!! 

Lyla's gift box was full of envelopes FULL of goodies!  Cut-outs galore!  Stickers, embellishments, and more and more cut-outs!  Great stuff for scrapbooking, cards, etc.  SCORE, Mary!  Lyla also gave Mary one of her hand-made personalized books full of the most beautiful and clever pictures. ...Here's just two of the pictures.  A cute kitty and a fox laying in the grass.  So cute!!!                                   

I had to add this because I tried to get Pinky to give me a nice smile.....and she did this on PURPOSE....so, what goes around, comes around, Pinky!  You better smile NICE next time!   :0D


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    1. Kristina...this group has such a good time. I would sincerely recommend starting a group like this of your own...sooo fun!

  2. I really enjoyed the birthday posts. It appears that each gift was well thought out and chosen to give the birthday girl things she loves and enjoys...and money too!!

    great post. I'm sure it was a happy birthday.

  3. I'm gonna frame that pix of the Pink!;-)

  4. Happy Belated birthday Mary. I was supposed to get a reminder on my computer but guess my calendar isn't doing what it's supposed to do. It's good to see everyone in such good cheer and the photo of Pink is priceless. Have a great 4th of July. Hugs to all.

    1. Happy 4th to you, too, Maddy! (Do you think the Pink will SMILE next time?.....time will tell!)

    2. Thank you, Maddy. We love your visits to the blog.