Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Belated Birthday Bash!!!

Monday, we celebrated Mary's birthday by starting the morning at Stephanie's in Astoria for breakfast.  There, she unwrapped her multitude of birthday goodies...they never seemed to stop coming :>))  Birthdays are so fun with this group!

Next, we showed our flags...finally...to each other and did our trading.  Karen picked out some for Lyla and will be either taking them to her or sending them to her in Redmond.  The flags were amazing!  These pictures just don't do them justice at all.

We started our shopping craze at Dots and Doodles Art Store in Astoria.  Both April and Mary went a little wild in there.  Next stop...Joann's.  We all really controlled ourselves in there compared to what we usually do.  I was amazed.  On to the Goodwill...a favorite place for all of us.  We all had bags in our hands when we were done for sure.  April wanted to stop at the dollar store as she was looking for a little spritzing bottle for her art work.  We were famished by this time and hit Doogers in Warrenton for some late lunch.  What a wonderful day!  It just doesn't get any better than this...good friends, good food, and piles of presents...Wow!

Both of these pictures were taken at Stephanie's as we had breakfast...what fun!!!
The flags below are Jan's

This batch is April's.

Pinky went crazy and all of these are hers.

This single is one of Karen's.
 These 8 are Mary's.

 Here we are at Dooger's for lunch...
I'm sorry I got these out of order, but the bottom flags are Karen's.  We all loved the flags and had fun trading them.


  1. Thank you all for such a wonderful day! You are the best!!!

  2. What a great time you must've had and what totally gorgeous flags!!!! I can't believe I get to meet the lady at the end of the table next week!!! Look out Jan!! We're almost on the way!!!

    1. Jan has told us about her visitors. Hope you have a wonderful time!

    2. Heard, yesterday, all about your upcoming visit. Jan is cleaning for you. :-) Hoping we have a chance to meet you while you're here. Have fun with 'our girl.'

  3. Had the MOST wonderful time helping Mary celebrate her birthday, finally! Took us awhile to get to it, but, boy howdy...do we know how to party. You girls wore me out! It was SOOOOO good to be together again. I've been missing my S&B girlie girls so much!!!

  4. What a great day, it had been too long. Thanks for everyone getting their prayer flags done so we could trade. I have such a wonderful collection now!