Thursday, March 22, 2012

Welcome Linda and Charlene!!!

Tuesday was such a great day and we even had two visitors. Linda is from down the road and brought her knitting project with her. She is making a lovely cream colored throw and makes it look so easy when she is knitting.

Charlene didn't bring anything to work on, but seemed to enjoy watching the rest of us with our projects.

Karen brought her finished word portrait of her grandaughter, Payton. I really like the way she worked in all the color in her words. She was also working on some wonderful Easter cards. Sorry, Karen...I got your cards the wrong direction.

Pinky was working on some new snowflake cards and they turned out fantastic.

The red zippered pouch below, Jan received from a trading buddy in the UK. The work on it was amazing. Jan traded her an art hanging for it...Great trade!

April was showing us how to make stickers and 3-D stickers from printing on adhesive paper. It saves money and you have access to many stickers that way. They turned out great. April says they are not quite as brilliant in color as the originals, but no one would know that, but her. April, also showed us her chemo hat that she had started...what a wonderful project.

The "Faith With Courage" page is one from Jan's art journal. In the near future, she is going to give us some pointers on how to do an art journal. Hopefully, at Pinky's next week, we will be starting on this.

Mary was finishing up a hat that is being sent to children in Afganistan and started a dish cloth...nothing too artsy there.

April's new friend, Caroline, was supposed to come visit, too, but had an appointment. We are hoping we can get to know her next time.

Don't forget...we are going to have a give-a-way soon, so keep watching for the details...


  1. What a fun day it was. Again:-)Thanks for posting, Mary. See you next week!

  2. What a very nice post, Mary! I see you even put in one of the photos with you in it. Thanks for sharing your sweet face with us. I hardly even got to the other side of the table to see what anyone else was even working on. Not that hostessing is that big of a deal...but it is SO DISTRACTING for me! The phone ringing is a huge distraction for me, too! Don't people realize it's TUESDAY! Thanks for putting all our work up here, Mary. I'm not sure whose was the most lovely. it's always so hard to pick a favorite. I'm excited to see what GIVEAWAY 'stuff' we come up with. If I thought I might be a WINNER, I'd be excited! Hope you all will be, too!