Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Self Portrait in Words Challenge...

April challenged us to do a self portrait made of words. This may sound fairly easy, but it wasn't quite as easy as it sounds :>)) Last week, April took a picture(s) of each of us. She had them waiting for us at her house this week, along with paper to trace the outline. We used her east windows to trace around the features of our portraits. The next step was to do a rough copy and start putting words around the features. Most of us used very fine tiny letters to do this.

In the pictures below, I will show part one of what we did and the next set of pictures will show us finishing up for the day. We all used words of our own choosing...some from past, present, and future. Take a close look and see how each of us went about doing our self portraits.

You may notice that we all look MUCH younger, possibly thinner, and just greater than normal. We were doing a little plastic surgery on paper :>))...very fun! We challenge you to try this. It was a fun project.


  1. Might have been fun to let people try to guess who's portrait belongs to who. I enjoyed the challenge!

  2. That is amazing - and I believe NOT easy. Well done!! You should sell the idea to Hollywood!! LOL!!

  3. I loved the part of this project that we could 'facelift' ourselves via paper. I did alter my photo's chin a bit, but it was for a worthy cause, right? This challenge was a little tougher than I realized it would be. . . but fun! I'm still debating whether I'll redo mine in ink or not.....that's an awful lot of writing!!!

  4. Jan...I liked your idea and changed the post for people to guess...good idea!