Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tuesday we all met at Mary's and the first thing on our list was to check out our paper weight challenge. Some of us used the oblong shaped ones and some of us used the round ones. I'm enclosing some pictures of all five.

#1 Mary
#2 Jan
#3 Pinky
#4 Karen
#5 April

April, also, has a new challenge for us using our self portrait done in words. I think we are all up for this one. It really sounds like a "challenge" for me, at least. April will be gone this Tuesday to Redmond, but in two weeks will give us all the details we need to get started.

Mary had a pot of chili for us to munch and some french bread.


  1. That was a fun little project, Mary. Thanks for posting the photos. We are so talented;-)

    The chili was delicious!

  2. I wonder where we could get some more of these paperweights. It was a fun project and one I'd like to share with for our Craft Day at church. Hmmm...maybe I'll look online.
    Thanks, Mary, for giving them to us!!! So fun!