Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Finishing Up Our Self Portraits...

After working on our self portraits for several hours and trying to come up with the many words needed to do this, I took the following pictures. All the detail you see in each portrait is made up of words about us, things we like, things we dislike, songs, memories, etc., etc. I think we all really enjoyed this challenge.

If you scroll down, you will see how we started on the project. This part is near completion. Some of us are going to stop here and some of us are going to fine tune their portraits. We would encourage you to try this challenge for yourself.


  1. They turned out great! It was a lot of fun too. thanks for posting, Mary.

  2. This was a fun project...and quite the challenge. We will see how they finally turn out next week. I'm anxious how Karen's turns out that she started on her granddaughter. Thanks, girls, for indulging me!

  3. These are so fun!! Look great!! :) Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I think it's so cool you get together and do things like this. It's fun to read your blog.

    1. We were so happy to have you drop by, Mary. You are by far a favorite author of mine. God bless your day. Hugs, Mary