Wednesday, October 26, 2011

All We Do Is Have Fun!!!

Just a few pics of us at Pinky's showing calendar pages and working on projects...very fun day! SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE ....

Hey...All we do is have fun!!!

More Pics From Tuesday...

Here are a few more pics of the calendar pages. Jan has started a new heart for a special friend and I enclosed it so you can see the detail of how she begins one of her heart pin creations. There is a pic of April working on her examples for her Christmas card class coming up soon. The group of 4 cards are by Karen. She was just whipping them out like crazy today! Pinky and Mary worked on rag rugs. It looks like Pink's is almost done!

It was such a good day with everyone there.

See you next week at Karen's!


Tuesday at Pinky's...

These are five of the calendar pages we did for each other. You can double click to see the detail.

I think it is true of all of us...we love the pages we get for our calendars. #1 is Pinky's for Lyla, #2 is Mary's for Karen, #3 is Karen's for Pinky, #4 Jan's for Mary, and #5 is Lyla's for April. I sure hope I got this right, as I think I got these a bit mixed up when jotting them down.

I have lots more pics and will just put them on here so you can see.

Next week, we are to meet at Karen's for some alcohol ink painting fun...see you there!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

     Today we met at April's house, and there were only three of us because Mary had company who didn't realize that Tuesday's are S&B.  So those Peninsula girls had to stay home.  We sure missed you, Pinky and Mary!!!  Pinky, maybe you'll hostess for us next week?  Karen thinks she'll be up to traveling.  But that's if you girls will still have energy after your fun time at the beach with your daughters.  Have a great time!  
      Jan brought acrylic and watercolor paints so that she and Karen could try some painting techniques. Karen couldn't join us last week for our Painting Workshop, so she was all for it!  They made quite a few papers that turned out great.  Click on this photo and you can get a closer look (Let us know if you can, because I can't.)  The smaller cards are Karen's with backgrounds from what she just made.  Nice, huh?    I just decorated more of my journal pages.  

   I found this photo of Jan on my camera from the day that we celebrated her birthday at the Birkenfeld Country Store Deli in August.  Isn't it great!  We sure had a fun day that day!  Happy belated birthday, my friend!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm having problems opening up the pictures. Is it just me ?

Calendar trade again

We traded calendars again after working on each others during the past couple of weeks.  These first three photos show April's work for Lyla.

These next three are Karen's for Jan.  Please pardon me if I am getting these wrong.

Pardon the glare on the pictures.  These two are Jan's for Karen.

Mary did a cover on Pinky's and the next two photos.

Pinky did these three pages for April's calendar book.

We had a guest this week. A friend of Mary's by the name of Sharon came and hung out with us for awhile.
We had a little paper painting workshop. We were barely getting started here, by the time we finished you couldn't see the table. In fact, you could barely see the floor!
We were trying out our Twinkling H2O watercolor paints, also we did a lot of embossing, which turned out great! Mostly.

Here are a few of the finished pieces from everyone. It was a lot of fun although we missed having Karen this time. Maybe we will have another workshop soon when she is able to attend too.

Next week at April's!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We're All Here!

Tuesday was another great day with the five of us physically, and Lyla...our co-partner in crime...long distance. We are so happy Karen is joining us again and feeling better each day.

Jan did the hostessing and served us her wonderful muffins to get us off to a good start. She also showed us two or three different online demonstrations of using different inks and making your own stamps. All of it inspired us to have a workday next Tues., here at my house, working with new paints and stamps, embossing, and heat guns. We are excited!

Pinky brought us all little cigar we go again. It is to be a challenge, but we have awhile to work on rules :>)) Make something from the cigar box...that is it! It needs to be done by Nov. 22. The last one like this was sooo fun and all were so different. That is what is fun about putting 6 different personalities together making art...super!

The pictures are top left...Jan showing us her latest project...a fantastic quilt using a method of doing one 12" square at a time, sandwiching them, and finally...putting it all together. It is just beautiful. Double click on it to see the detail.

Top right is Karen working on some cards and writing notes with them.

Next is April's Alaska journal she is working on. It will be a keepsake for her to look back on for many years. I know Amber will enjoy reading through it when she gets home at Christmas.

Mary and Pinky were working on crochet. Pinky worked on her rag rug in greens, beiges, browns and Mary was working on some wash cloths.

All in was another too fast day and it was time to head home. The time always goes too fast for all of us! We did solve some problems of the world while we were together :>))

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Had To Share This With You...

I just received this yesterday. It was a barter I did on Mary Jane's Farm. I traded Michele a book called "Building With Logs" and received all this! She has her own sheep and spun the wool yarn you see. There were two cotton wash cloths, two wonderful bars of goat milk soap, a lip balm that she makes using goat milk, a dish scrunchie, and a book mark. I was thrilled! If you like to trade, this is a fun place to go. I added a link to it at the top of the page. God bless your day! Mary