Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Calendar trade again

We traded calendars again after working on each others during the past couple of weeks.  These first three photos show April's work for Lyla.

These next three are Karen's for Jan.  Please pardon me if I am getting these wrong.

Pardon the glare on the pictures.  These two are Jan's for Karen.

Mary did a cover on Pinky's and the next two photos.

Pinky did these three pages for April's calendar book.

We had a guest this week. A friend of Mary's by the name of Sharon came and hung out with us for awhile.
We had a little paper painting workshop. We were barely getting started here, by the time we finished you couldn't see the table. In fact, you could barely see the floor!
We were trying out our Twinkling H2O watercolor paints, also we did a lot of embossing, which turned out great! Mostly.

Here are a few of the finished pieces from everyone. It was a lot of fun although we missed having Karen this time. Maybe we will have another workshop soon when she is able to attend too.

Next week at April's!


  1. I'm having a problem viewing the pictures. Am I the only one ?

  2. Had a great time with you girls today. Thanks for hostessing, Mary! Missed you, Karen....and Lyla. Sure enjoyed meeting Sharon. Wish she'd joined us in creating! Loved our workshop. Would be willing to have another one next week.

  3. This was a fun day and thanks for posting, Jan as Kit and I were getting ready for the flea market. That was fun with Pink and Cliff there, too. I was just on your blog and the quilt is turning out fantastic!!! I love it!