Tuesday, October 18, 2011

     Today we met at April's house, and there were only three of us because Mary had company who didn't realize that Tuesday's are S&B.  So those Peninsula girls had to stay home.  We sure missed you, Pinky and Mary!!!  Pinky, maybe you'll hostess for us next week?  Karen thinks she'll be up to traveling.  But that's if you girls will still have energy after your fun time at the beach with your daughters.  Have a great time!  
      Jan brought acrylic and watercolor paints so that she and Karen could try some painting techniques. Karen couldn't join us last week for our Painting Workshop, so she was all for it!  They made quite a few papers that turned out great.  Click on this photo and you can get a closer look (Let us know if you can, because I can't.)  The smaller cards are Karen's with backgrounds from what she just made.  Nice, huh?    I just decorated more of my journal pages.  

   I found this photo of Jan on my camera from the day that we celebrated her birthday at the Birkenfeld Country Store Deli in August.  Isn't it great!  We sure had a fun day that day!  Happy belated birthday, my friend!


  1. Beautiful paintings, beautiful necklace, beautiful birthday girl.

  2. Thanks for posting, April! We know you had fun, as always...Taking Karen's calendar with me for Girl's Weekend and hope to get it all done :>))

    I like that pic of Jan! That was a fun day...we do enjoy our birthdays...speaking of which...one is coming up.

    Have fun working on your calendars this week.

  3. Thanks for hosting and posting, April.

  4. Jan & Mary, you ladies will have to remember your cameras because you can see I don't have your finesse at posting photos. Next time....don't send a girl. :oD