Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tuesday at Pinky's...

These are five of the calendar pages we did for each other. You can double click to see the detail.

I think it is true of all of us...we love the pages we get for our calendars. #1 is Pinky's for Lyla, #2 is Mary's for Karen, #3 is Karen's for Pinky, #4 Jan's for Mary, and #5 is Lyla's for April. I sure hope I got this right, as I think I got these a bit mixed up when jotting them down.

I have lots more pics and will just put them on here so you can see.

Next week, we are to meet at Karen's for some alcohol ink painting fun...see you there!


  1. I do so love my calendars and all these pages look wonderful! So much fun goes into each one!

  2. Hey girls, I made three pages for Jan's calendar, but not a one is here. Hmmmm, I wonder where they are. I was going to pick Mary's Cowgirls as my favorite, but then I took time to enlarge all the others, and I just can't choose a favorite now! They are all so neat. Nice work, girlies. It was a wonderful day! Getting excited about next Tuesday, working with alcohol inks, at Karen's. See you then.