Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We're All Here!

Tuesday was another great day with the five of us physically, and Lyla...our co-partner in crime...long distance. We are so happy Karen is joining us again and feeling better each day.

Jan did the hostessing and served us her wonderful muffins to get us off to a good start. She also showed us two or three different online demonstrations of using different inks and making your own stamps. All of it inspired us to have a workday next Tues., here at my house, working with new paints and stamps, embossing, and heat guns. We are excited!

Pinky brought us all little cigar we go again. It is to be a challenge, but we have awhile to work on rules :>)) Make something from the cigar box...that is it! It needs to be done by Nov. 22. The last one like this was sooo fun and all were so different. That is what is fun about putting 6 different personalities together making art...super!

The pictures are top left...Jan showing us her latest project...a fantastic quilt using a method of doing one 12" square at a time, sandwiching them, and finally...putting it all together. It is just beautiful. Double click on it to see the detail.

Top right is Karen working on some cards and writing notes with them.

Next is April's Alaska journal she is working on. It will be a keepsake for her to look back on for many years. I know Amber will enjoy reading through it when she gets home at Christmas.

Mary and Pinky were working on crochet. Pinky worked on her rag rug in greens, beiges, browns and Mary was working on some wash cloths.

All in was another too fast day and it was time to head home. The time always goes too fast for all of us! We did solve some problems of the world while we were together :>))


  1. Hi everyone, it looks like you're still having fun being creative. Jan, I love the quilt. April, your journal looks terrific from what I saw of it and I'm sure when it's completed it will be amazing.I'm glad to hear you're feeling better Karen. Hi Mary & Pinky, since you didn't show what you're projects I can't comment on them but I'm sure you're having a good time doing whatever you chose to work on. Enjoy your week.

  2. Fun times at my place! thanks for posting, Mary.

  3. Thanks for posting, Mary! Jan, really, I LOVE your quilt. It is beautiful! Mary & Pinky were crocheting. Pinky on her lovely rug (it is gorgeous!) and Mary on her dishcloths (I love crocheted dishcloths.) Karen, was at the far end of the table, so I couldn't see what she was working on, but knew it was cards...and probably for Lyla!!! :-) Great day!!!

  4. Jan, I know that quilt is for Donna... but could you accidentally mail it to my address?? I'm sure she would understand. LOL Seriously, it is SO beautiful!!! I was able to enlarge the photo and get a really good look at those birds. What a beautiful thing for you to do for her.
    It looks like you are all having a great time at Jan's working on your individual projects. I can't wait to see what you all make with your cigar boxes. What fun!
    ♥ audrey

  5. What a wonderful group and such fun and stunning work you all create