Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Meeting At April's Today...

This was our first meeting with April arriving at noon. We kind of took over her house until she got home today. Three of us...Jan, Pinky, and Mary were working on future rag rugs. Pinky is working on a round one. Jan & Mary are working on an oblong ones.

When April arrived, she was getting ready for her Saturday Crafts Day at her church. They are going to do cutting art on rhodie leaves. She was busy making a sample for Saturday's class. I am sorry I didn't take a picture of it. I meant to and just yacked too much.

We missed Karen today. There is always a void when she isn't with us, so hope to see her next week and that she is feeling much better.

Pinky brought us the neatest copper colored ties to go on tags and shared with us all. There is one for you, too, Karen...see the top left pic.

Oh, by the way...the 2nd row left pic is of our little buddy...sock monkey...

Thanks, April for the books you let us go through and choose. That was a treat!

Thanks, too, for letting us see the art work your dad had done in the past.

We have one more week to work on the calendars for each other. We will exchange them next Tues. at April's house. Can't wait to see mine!!!

Have a great week...God bless you.


  1. Thanks for posting Mary. It was a fun day.

  2. Yes, Mary, thank you very much for posting! And, I didn't even miss that little monkey, until I see him here. Cute little guy, isn't he? :oD The little gift ties that Pinky gave us are really neat! Thanks for those, Pink! It was fun to come home to my home filled with crafty ladies! Can't wait for next week. Hoping for one more, tho, Karen. We missed you!!! Feel better soonER!!!

  3. Hi Lyla! Are you working on your calendar pages???? :>))