Monday, September 12, 2011

A Few More From Last Week...

Jan added a picture of the card Karen made from the images that April gifted us all with. Karen will make a card out of anything you give her, right there on the spot.
The pics below are:
#1 Mary's attempt at making some cotton crochet wash cloths...

#2 Jan's handmade stamps...very coooool.

#3 Pinky's latest iris folding card made from the insides of security envelopes.

#4 Jan's personal journal that she is making pages for.

#5 April's Alaska joural pages. I think she said day 5.

I'm sorry, Karen...I thought for sure I took a pic of the cute card you made from the game cards April gave us all. It was so cute and apparently I missed it. Jan, if you have that pic, would you put it on? Sorry, Karen!

It appears we can't meet this week 9-13-11 as situations arise...We are all hoping to meet Friday at the Vernonia Quilt Show and do a bit of garage saling. Hope to see you then!


  1. ...such talented and creative gals!

  2. Thanks for posting Mary. I haven't even looked at my photos yet. We are a talented and creative bunch aren't we!

  3. Thanks for posting for us, Mary! I really like your dishcloths. They work so well, and they're beautiful, too boot! If a gal HAS to do dishes, it makes it MUCH more pleasant to have a hand-made crocheted dishcloth! Jan, that is a cute hand-carved super-dog stamp. We might need a work-shop!!! And I really like your 'coffee' book! Nice altering! Pinky, I was SO IMPRESSED with what you did with those envelope innards! Really a classy looking result! So cool! Karen's card turned out so cute...hope we can get it up here. Lyla....can't wait to see your calendar results in a couple weeks! I'm missing you girls today!!!